IS 616:2017

Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Apparatus Safety Requirements Products


IS 13252 (Part-1):2010

Information Technology Equipment – Safety General Requirements Products


IS 16102(P-1):2012

Self-Ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services Part 1 Safety Requirements

IS 10322 (P-5/S-1):2012

Luminaires Part 5: Particular Requirements Section-
1 Fixed General Purpose Luminaires


IS 15885(P-2/S-13):2012

Safety of Lamp Control-gear Part 2 Particular Requirement Section- 13 DC or AC Supplied Electronic Control-gear for LED Module

IS 16242(P-1):2014

General and Safety Requirements for UPS


IS 16333(P-3):2017

Mobile Phone Handsets Part 3 Indian Language Support for Mobile Phone Handsets – Specific Requirements