Test Facilities

Destructive Test

Destructive Tests are basically to check the extent to which the product can be physically damaged when placed and carried out under drop test, free-fall and impact test..

Vibration Test

Vibration Tests are Conducted using Electro Dynamic Vibration Shaking System Testing with capacity upto 600Kgf, Freq. 0-3000 hz, Amplitude 0-38 mm, Modesweep & octave, Acceleration 0-200 g with X/Y/Z axis direction.

Ingress Protection Test

Ingress Protection (IP) tests are performed to determine the level of protection from water, dust, chemical in orderto verify lighting product’s acceptability for use in outdoor or industrial applications. IP test validates that the product’s enclosure will with stand moisture and dust andper formas expected in required environments, as per IEC60529 and related standards

Safety Test

Protection from Hazards, Electric Shocks, Over current and Earth Fault Protection, Touch Current, Heating under Normal Operating Conditions, Insulation Resistance, Overheating, marking and Instruction Requirements, Surge Test, Dielectric and Mechanical Strength are carried out under Safety Testing.

Function Test

Function testing is a Quality Assurance process that bases its test cases on the specifications as per the concerned National and International Standards. Functional tests are focused on checking the Dimensions, Power Input, Leakage and Other testing for determining the quality of parameters declared.

Impulse and Surge Test

The most sensitively protected testing includes Impulse, Surge and High Voltage Tests, carried out at the most priority level to check the danger against over voltages.

Endurance Test

Endurance Tests are typically done to check the ability of product to withstand the expected processing load for a longer period. Monitoring is also done to determine potential failures under potential simulated conditions for a specific period & for a certain threshold.